Chateau de St. Aubin, Kelt Tour du Monde Armagnac, Bas Armagnac


Since the middle ages wine has been produced at Chateau de st. Aubin. Our Maitre de Chai and our vinification expert produce the wine to clear specifications dating back centuries, not maximising yield or degree of alcohol but quality of the wine.


The still used is from 1860. This still gives a wonderfull traditional result. The barrels used are Limousin oak barrels which give a very noble characteristic and the Tour du Monde adds a fullness and roundness which combines the best sophistication of a cognac with the superior fruit concentration of an armagnac.


Chateau de St. Aubin Bas-Armagnac X.O., Tour du Monde by KELT.


Chateau de St. Aubin, Bas-armagnac, Reserve du Chateau, Tour du Monde by KELT